Custom Gazebo Construction Gilbert


The Client engaged Regalscapes to construct a custom gazebo 810 sq.ft. in size with a full bathroom incl. toilet, wash basin and bath/shower measuring 88 sq.ft. and integrate this into the existing deck surrounding the pool.

Regalscapes managed the project through all stages from initial design and obtaining drawings, planning approval and permits through to construction and completion.

Complicating factors were limited to routing and tying in the of new plumbing and electricity service lines through trenches to existing services. An additional complication was the the slope of the site where the gazebo would be constructed, requiring deep footings and a stem wall constructed to engineers specifications.




Regalscapes custom gazebo construction footing excavation

Initial excavation of footings to engineer specified requirements. The completed rough plumbing for the bathroom is visible. Rebar is in place ready for footing inspection prior to pouring concrete for footings.


Regalscapes custom gazebo construction footings



Regalscapes custom gazebo footings stem wall

Stem wall under construction where bathroom will be.


Regalscapes custom gazebo stem wall detail

Another view of the stem wall on footings.



Regalscapes custom gazebo construction concrete slab

Concrete slab being poured. Due to the restricted site access concrete had to be wheel-barrowed in from street.


formwork set with concrete slab poured

Slab poured showing extensive formwork to ensure that finished floor level will tie in perfectly to existing pool deck.


Regalscapes custom gazebo construction concrete slab block wall

The completed gazebo slab.


Once slab cured framing of the gazebo commenced


gazebo framing progressing with trusses in place

Framing prior to framing inspection. Slab relative to patio paving is clearly visible.


gazebo framing progressing

Another view of the framing showing more of the pool and how the gazebo integrates into the existing pool area.


Regalscapes custom gazebo construction framing

An interior view as the framing is being completed.


Further into the construction with roofing now in place

Gezabo framing almost complete

Preparing roof for tiling


Regalscapes custom gazebo construction

Styrofoam insulation applied as part of stucco process.


Regalscapes gazebo custom

Stucco and rock complete. Ready for painting.


Regalscapes custom gazebo

Painting complete


Regalscapes custom gazebo

Rear view of gazebo painted


Regalscapes custom gazebo

View from across the pool


Regalscapes custom gazebo

Gazebo bar just about complete. Countertop is fitted and stonework finish all ready for cleaning.


Regalscapes custom gazebo

Gazebo wired up and lights installed.


Regalscapes gazebo tile finish

Bathroom being completed in white “metro” tiles.


Regalscapes custom gazebo pavers

New pavers being laid to match existing pavers. Matching the existing pavers finished height around the pool precisely to the gazebo finished floor level was a critical detail to get correct.


Final stages of gazebo completion

Regalscapes custom gazebo


Regalscapes custom gazebo



Custom bar in the gazebo.


Regalscapes custom gazebo

Another view of the bar.